• The Sting of Salt

    by Lorna Shaughnessy

  • Red Deer on the Irish Pound

    by Stephen de Búrca

  • The Photograph of Aero Lyons

    by Marian Relihan

  • Michael Farrell

    by Maeve Brady

  • The 10th of May

    by Kitty Hughes

  • СТАКАН ДЛЯ ВІСКІ З SHELBOURNE ГОТЕЛЮ/ The Shelbourne Whiskey Glass

    by Zoryanna Kuts

  • The Women of 1916

    by S M Jenkin

  • Waker

    by Rebecca Bilkau

  • I Grieve your Summer World

    by Róisín Ní Neachtain

  • Offerings

    by Isabela Basombrío Hoban

  • Precious Past

    by Patrick Carroll

  • Will

    by Michael Morrissey

  • The policeman calls

    by St Patrick's Glen PS Maghera

  • A policeman calls

    by St Patrick's Glen PS Maghera

  • My Freedom One Hundred Years Later

    by Loro B. Tylor

  • Tolan

    by Iarla Dunford

  • Recaptured

    by Ciaran McDermott

  • Hazel Lavery, The Green Coat, 1926

    by Medbh McGuckian

  • Hush

    by A. Conmy

  • Jackie Clarke

    by David Newcombe

  • Buried

    by James Brogan

  • Seedsman — April 1918

    by Sinéad McClure

  • Katherine “Jake” Folan

    by Jean Mac Sorley

  • An Dealbh

    by Katie Ní Dhonnaille

  • In Iarsmalann i nDún Garbhán

    by Ruairí Ó Caisleáin

  • Jackie Clarke

    by Alan O'Malley

  • 50th Anniversary of The Rising - Insurgents in Toomevara National School

    by Marie Studer

  • Escape

    by Amy Abdullah Barry

  • A daughter foresees her father’s death - May 12th, 1916

    by Ger Duffy

  • Ви потримайте мене за руку

    by Yulia Buryk

  • Reflections on the Irish Revolution, 1923

    by Mary Dunne-Tobin

  • Roller Skating in Kilmainham

    by Emily Cullen

  • Ancestral Voices

    by Pearse Museum Group

  • Echoes of Courage: The Legacy of Selton Hill

    by Mary Heeran White

  • Under her hat

    by Cassie Smith-Christmas

  • Lost History

    by Anne Treacy née Hallinan

  • Today we are the alchemists

    by Jane Gilheaney

  • Ode to John Devoy, a Forgotten Hero

    by Kyra Fitzpatrick

  • Say no More

    by Aileen Sweeney

  • The Rattled Cage

    by Aileen Sweeney

  • My Grandfather's Medal

    by Mary Conefrey

  • Ar Son na Marbh

    by Nuala Ní Fhlathúin

  • Decade Of Centenaries, Ireland 1912 -1922

    by Angela Graham

  • Christy O’Grady’s Diary Speaks

    by Lorraine Carey

  • Rejoice

    by Marie Lavin

  • The policeman calls

    by St Patrick's Glen PS Maghera

  • When the Time is Right

    by Kathleen Gallagher

  • Encounter in Newman House

    by Annette Condon

  • Two Women Embrace

    by Anna O Laoghaire

  • Tied Tongues and Hands

    by Ronan McBride

  • Military Service DPP. Pension Annie Coyne

    by Una Crowe

  • Blackout Poem

    by Aodán McCardle

  • Commemoration

    by Richie Keane

  • My Life - One Hundred Years Later

    by Paddy Donoghue

  • Centenary Commemoration

    by Noreen Moore Murphy Uí Laighin

  • On barren fields

    by Mary Pooley

  • Collective Memory: A Collage

    by Collective Poem

  • Historical Genes (Shame Between the Cracks)

    by Noreen Moore Murphy Uí Laighin

  • You Knew A Man Was Surely There

    by Nigel Quinlan

  • My father kept a scrapbook in the cupboard

    by Mary Pooley

  • The Brave and Bold Thomas MacDonagh

    by Dave O'Brien

  • Interdependence

    by Annemarie Nugent

  • War of Independence and Civil War

    by Amy Abdullah Barry

  • The Statue in Cloughjordan

    by Amy Abdullah Barry

  • Beyond the Revolution is...

    by Róisín Ní Mhóráin

  • Hair

    by Gaynor Kane

  • A Pinch of Snow in a Black Velvet Glove

    by Mary Branley

  • Ambush

    by Matthew Geden

  • A Stranger in my Own Land

    by Christopher Murray

  • Without Fuss or Splutter

    by Ann-Marie Foster

  • Bloody Sunday 21st November, 1920, Croke Park

    by David McLoghlin

  • The Things You Carried, I Carry Them Too

    by Nuala Roche

  • Second Death

    by Lucy Cloake

  • Them Fellas

    by Anonymous

  • From the Lips of my Father

    by Frances Browner

  • Are We There Yet

    by Carmel Daly

  • Safe House 1966

    by Lucy Moore

  • Proud

    by Anne Gaynor

  • A Forgotten Force

    by Edel Burke

  • Fairy Tales

    by Frances Browner

  • Storytelling

    by Attracta Fahy

  • The Museum Visitors

    by Blue Teapot Performing Arts School & Rab Fulton

  • Memories

    by Leanne Vaughan

  • Truce

    by Edel Burke

  • Things Left Unsaid

    by Attracta Fahy

  • Still To Be Carried

    by Mairead McGrath

  • Labour, 1923

    by Janis Woodgate

  • Daddy never spoke of it

    by John Comerford

  • Paddy in the Shed

    by Fred Johnston

  • Was It Worth It After All?

    by Sinéad Griffin

  • A Proclamation (i.m. Kathleen Lynn, 1874-1955)

    by Ciaran O’Rourke

  • Eliza

    by Karl O'Hanlon

  • Ireland’s Rebel Son

    by Mario Corrigan

  • Poppies In A Field Of Shamrocks

    by Nithy Kasa

  • Poetry as Commemoration

    by Pamela Howard

  • Brollach Spideoige

    by Caitríona Ní Laighin

  • Monologue

    by Cecily Lynch

  • 'Special Topics in Commemoration Studies: The Kerry Archives'

    by Victoria Kennefick

  • Hogan, Grianghrafadóir

    by Aifric Mac Aodha

  • The Head of a Man

    by Stephen Sexton