• To the Moon and Back

    by Mya Higgins

  • Bread and Butter

    by Eabha Coles

  • Ashes to Ashes

    by Louisa Carroll

  • Cracks

    by Emma McCarthy

  • The Match

    by Davinia Connolly

  • Over the Atlantic Waves

    by Ryan Cunningham

  • Oh Child, What Are You Doing?

    by Mary-Kate Hyland

  • Faces of Youth

    by Laura Pokorska

  • Monsters

    by Ailish O'Donnell

  • Too Young

    by Erin O'Grady

  • Flowers

    by Hayley Dee

  • Should Be Dancing in the Sun

    by Erin O'Grady

  • The Burning of Cork

    by Jamie O'Rourke

  • Boom, Blast, Bomb

    by Laura Sherry

  • Civil War

    by Peter Woods

  • War

    by Adelaide Stewart

  • The Things That War Can Bring

    by Lucy Smith

  • Looking Through the Window

    by Sarah-Beth Parker

  • Father’s Strong

    by Jessica O’Dwyer

  • Through the Eyes of a Little Boy

    by Emmet O’Dwyer

  • Civil War, June 28th 1922

    by Oisín Meenan

  • So Much War

    by Henry Killion

  • War

    by Josh Kavanagh

  • Was This Fair?

    by Klara Gross

  • My Window

    by Erin Gallimore

  • All This War

    by Joshua Firth

  • The Sounds of War

    by Pia Doyle

  • Like I Do Every Day

    by Hugh D’Alton Bradley

  • The Irish Civil War

    by Isabella Craig

  • My Hope

    by Micheal Shriane

  • My Unbroken Trust

    by Rolandas Plotnikovas

  • Sacrifices

    by Zoe Jury

  • My Joy One Hundred Years Later

    by Leah Mockler

  • Happiness

    by Roisin Connolly

  • My Hope One Hundred Years Later

    by Ella Fleming Donoghue

  • My One Wish

    by Jamie Moore

  • The Author Who Lived

    by Julia Dzonkowska

  • The War of Despair

    by Sarah Joyce

  • My Fun One Hundred Years Later

    by Shane Larkin

  • Memories

    by Leanne Vaughan

  • Traitor!

    by Sean Hallinan

  • For Freedom

    by Eoghan Ua Conaill

  • Who Will Mourn Me?

    by Breege Blake

  • My Hope One Hundred Years Later

    by Saoirse Burke

  • My Kindness

    by Nicole McNamara

  • The Beginning

    by Leah Doory

  • My Hope

    by Wiktoria Chojnacka

  • My Joy One Hundred Years Later

    by Joseph Daire

  • My Hope One Hundred Years Later

    by Lily Mulrenan

  • My Hope One Hundred Years Later

    by Aoife Freeman