• Civil War, Each Way

    by Niamh Donnellan

  • Split?

    by Dominic Sweeney

  • From a Register of Sick Calls - attended to by the Clergy in July and August, 1922 during the Siege of Waterford

    by Joyce Butler

  • Mountain Spine

    by Sinéad Griffin

  • Without Fuss or Splutter

    by Ann-Marie Foster

  • Bloody Sunday 21st November, 1920, Croke Park

    by David McLoghlin

  • Independence

    by Aodhan McArdle

  • The Things You Carried, I Carry Them Too

    by Nuala Roche

  • Executed

    by Frances Browner

  • “Faithful Comrade and Life Long Friend”

    by Julie Morrissy

  • Lord

    by Diarmuid Cawley

  • Revolutions

    by Eoin Devereux

  • Telescope

    by Eoghan Totten

  • Four Courts, 1922

    by Darren Donohue

  • Only the Irish dead listened to me

    by Landa wo

  • The woman I wish to have met

    by Róisín Leggett Bohan

  • The Tears of God

    by Roisin Ní Neachtain

  • Civil

    by Mark Granier

  • Talk near the Ambush Site

    by Michael Farry

  • What the Corrib Heard

    by Attracta Fahy

  • Bridget’s Hope

    by Emily Cullen

  • Eliza

    by Karl O'Hanlon

  • Yew

    by Karen J. McDonnell

  • Kingdom

    by Brian Kirk

  • The Cut

    by Tanya O'Sullivan

  • Sentinels

    by Anna O Laoghaire

  • The Irish Civil War, County Tipperary, Summer, 1922

    by Angela Graham

  • Cogadh na gCarad ó Bhéal mo Mháthar

    by Mike Mac Domhnaill

  • Naming a Bridge

    by Catherine Ann Cullen

  • Uncle Maurice

    by Ian Duhig