Poetry Jukebox

Poetry as Commemoration jukeboxes will tour several locations across Ireland and Northern Ireland in 2022 and 2023. Each jukebox contains up to 20 recordings of poems inspired by the War of Independence or Civil War, or on related themes.

Current locations

Cork – outside Cork City Library, Grand Parade

Waterford – Hanover St., The Cultural Quarter

Past locations

Dublin – St. Stephen’s Green (near W.B. Yeats Memorial)

Belfast – Crescent Arts Centre

Future locations

Derry | Galway | Limerick | Dublin

Poetry Jukebox is a sound installation that animates public spaces through the medium of poetry. Conceived and developed by Prague based cultural activists, Ondřej Kobza and Michaela Hečková, there are now poetry jukeboxes in nearly 20 cities around the world, including Berlin, Brussels, Belfast, Dublin, Paris, New York and Prague. Read more about Poetry Jukebox here.

Installations are managed by poet Maria McManus, Artistic Director of Quotidian — Word on the Street.

Rain Poetry

Poetry as Commemoration Rain Poetry installations will bring commemorative poetry to pavements of towns and cities.

Rain Poetry uses biodegradable water-resistant ‘invisible’ spray paint designed to fade within six to eight weeks but, until then, anyone walking down the street might be lucky enough to be surprised by a poem.