Constance Georgine Markievicz

by SM Jenkin

Six days afterwards; it is over.
So they say. So many words. So many,
propelled into walls and no echo bounces.
Beyond the barracades at St. Stephens green,
this officer of the Irish citizen’s army reframes
the city; this watercolour peace can bear a few
more layers, given time.
Pádraic Pearse has ordered his schoolbooks
well enough, and has earned his day of rest.
Time enough to clear the dust away, make room
for a thousand new words.
But who will speak them?
Who will listen to this birds chatter?
There are no native ostriches here; a few
migratory pairs can be plucked, for sure.
Her feathered bonnet is ready to swoop,
but she is Constant.
Surrender is temporary.
Powers and empires pass away;
faith manages.

Second generation Irish writer SM Jenkin has performed her work internationally and has supported Lemn Sissay, John McCullough and Atilla the Stockbroker. Her work has been published in numerous literary anthologies and magazines including Anti-Heroin Chic, Bloody Amazing, Boyne Berries, Dissonance and The Interpreter’s House.