• The Sting of Salt

    by Lorna Shaughnessy


    by Zoryanna Kuts

  • Constance Georgine Markievicz

    by SM Jenkin

  • Watchers from the Bardo

    by Geraldine Mitchell

  • СТАКАН ДЛЯ ВІСКІ З SHELBOURNE ГОТЕЛЮ/ The Shelbourne Whiskey Glass

    by Zoryanna Kuts

  • I Warn You Solemnly, Sir

    by Ava Johnston

  • Countess Markiewicz

    by Evelyn Maguire

  • Remembrance

    by Rona Fitzgerald

  • The Last Letter of James Fisher

    by Pippa Little

  • Farewell to 130D

    by Robert Morgan, DMP Constable 130D, Warrant number 5944

  • Recollections of joining the D. M. P.

    by Robert Morgan, DMP Constable 130D, Warrant number 5944

  • Prodigal Kiss

    by John Buckley McQuaid

  • An Irishman Foresees a Day in NYC

    by Stephen de Búrca

  • New Dawn

    by Paddy Donoghue

  • Borrowed

    by Ash Perrie

  • 1920 Bloody Sunday

    by Aaron Connolly

  • The Book

    by Liam Moyles

  • Pages

    by Keelan Langdon

  • Ratification

    by Jamie Brown

  • The Dancer

    by Cabrini Cahill

  • Seedsman — April 1918

    by Sinéad McClure

  • Roller Skating in Kilmainham

    by Emily Cullen

  • Ancestral Voices

    by Pearse Museum Group

  • Grangegorman

    by Hazel Hogan

  • Under her hat

    by Cassie Smith-Christmas

  • An Imagining

    by Bern Butler

  • It Took Five Hours

    by Bernie Crawford

  • Two Women Embrace

    by Anna O Laoghaire

  • Some Other Names

    by James Stafford

  • At The Poetry as Commemoration Book Launch

    by Sinéad Griffin

  • The Women Who Dared

    by Mary Attenborough

  • Just One Year Before

    by Ronan McCarthy

  • Thereafter

    by Lily Neilson

  • A Communiqué from the Four Courts

    by Annette Condon

  • New Day

    by Paddy Donoghue

  • New Dawn

    by Paddy Donoghue

  • A Stranger in my Own Land

    by Christopher Murray

  • Mountain Spine

    by Sinéad Griffin

  • Bloody Sunday 21st November, 1920, Croke Park

    by David McLoghlin

  • Independence

    by Aodhan McArdle

  • A Safe House by Dora Kelly

    by Dora Kelly

  • Paddy in the Shed

    by Fred Johnston

  • Swamped in Memory

    by Mairéad McGrath

  • Was It Worth It After All?

    by Sinéad Griffin

  • Safe House

    by Mary Kennedy

  • Kingdom

    by Brian Kirk

  • Poppies In A Field Of Shamrocks

    by Nithy Kasa

  • This Video Has No Sound

    by Padraig Regan

  • The Stonebreakers Yard

    by Sean Hallinan

  • Blood pulled my Shoe Off: The Birth of the Freestate in the Words of Máire Comerford

    by Martina Evans

  • Hogan, Grianghrafadóir

    by Aifric Mac Aodha

  • The Head of a Man

    by Stephen Sexton

  • My Window

    by Erin Gallimore

  • I Wish There Was Peace

    by Arlo Quick Thomas

  • Wedding Party Woman

    by Ella Padden

  • When Oliver St. John Gogarty

    by Mary Melvin Geoghegan

  • Hardships and Comforts - Ireland 1922-2022

    by Mary Guckian

  • Liam Mellows

    by Teresa Brayton

  • Ashtalakshmi

    by Fióna Bolger & Nita Mishra

  • Vigil at Our Lady of Perpetual Succour’s Altar

    by Lily O'Brennan

  • Crón Tráth na nDéithe

    by Thomas MacGreevy

  • Poster Boy Speaks 1923

    by Caroline Bracken

  • The Prisoner

    by Katharine Tynan

  • A Carved Head Fallen

    by D.L. Kelleher

  • Naming a Bridge

    by Catherine Ann Cullen

  • Cuimhne

    by Ailbhe Ní Ghearbhuigh

  • My Civil War

    by Clara Cottrell

  • 'The Six Who Were Hanged'

    by Thomas MacGreevy

  • The Simple Violence of the Gun

    by Donagh MacDonagh

  • Francis Sheehy-Skeffington

    by Eva Gore Booth

  • In Glasnevin

    by Jane Clarke