Farewell to 130D

by Robert Morgan, DMP Constable 130D, Warrant number 5944

Ah, Mr M’ how times have changed
Since I composed this Rhyme
And how the downy shuck of youth
Is hoary grown with time
And how the comrades of those days;
Are gone, gone God knows where
And you and I were left behind
But, where are our heads of hair
You still have got a fair supply
Of Nature’s noble fleece
And I hope we long may wear it
As chief of D.M. Police
You can well afford to pardon
The mistakes of lads like me
It’s dishonourable to be anonymous
So farewell to 130D

Transcribed by Brian P Tierney (Great Great Grandson ), Robert Rowat (Great Great Nephew).

Document: Robert Morgan Descibing Joining The DMP in 1849 – Brian T (1)