• Reflections on the Irish Revolution, 1923

    by Mary Dunne-Tobin

  • Roller Skating in Kilmainham

    by Emily Cullen

  • In Honour of Kathleen O’Callaghan

    by Breeda Murphy

  • In honour of Norah Healy

    by Breeda Murphy

  • Ancestral Voices

    by Pearse Museum Group

  • Echoes of Courage: The Legacy of Selton Hill

    by Mary White

  • A Mock Up of New Wording for Article 41.2 of the Irish Constitution

    by Bernie Crawford

  • Under her hat

    by Cassie Smith-Christmas

  • Lost History

    by Anne Treacy née Hallinan

  • An Unmanageable Woman

    by Marion Cox

  • Lá Na mBan

    by Sighle Meehan

  • Tell Mother

    by Marion Cox

  • The Night of the Re-Enactment

    by Mary Mahon Taylor

  • The Final Hail Mary

    by Mary Mahon Tyler

  • War of Independence 1922 and Belfast 1972

    by Angela McCabe

  • Today we are the alchemists

    by Jane Gilheaney

  • Ode to John Devoy, a Forgotten Hero

    by Kyra Fitzpatrick

  • Say no More

    by Aileen Sweeney

  • The Rattled Cage

    by Aileen Sweeney

  • Lost Boys

    by Cara Gilheany

  • My Grandfather's Medal

    by Mary Conefrey

  • An Imagining

    by Bern Butler

  • It Took Five Hours

    by Bernie Crawford

  • Decade Of Centenaries, Ireland 1912 -1922

    by Angela Graham

  • ГАЗ / Gas

    by Katya van Huystee

  • Irish history has led to this present

    by Brijit Varghese

  • Consequences

    by Madeleine Shields

  • Christy O’Grady’s Diary Speaks

    by Lorraine Carey

  • Volunteer John Ryan Castlefergus Cattle Drive – 1918

    by Geraldine Burke

  • Ballad of Jimmy’s Hall

    by Mary White

  • Rejoice

    by Marie Lavin

  • Our Life For Freedom

    by Loro B. Taylor

  • Memory

    by Paddy Donoghue

  • Leaning Forward

    by Ciaran McDermott

  • Who Are We Now?

    by Catherine Whitehead

  • Encounter in Newman House

    by Annette Condon

  • Two Women Embrace

    by Anna O Laoghaire

  • Some Other Names

    by James Stafford

  • At The Poetry as Commemoration Book Launch

    by Sinéad Griffin

  • Хто я?/ Who Am I?

    by Zoryanna Kuts

  • I imagine

    by Lara Carey Coulart

  • December 12th, 2023

    by Kyra Cullen

  • Hope in War

    by Courtney Flanagan

  • Paper Drops

    by Veronica Picone

  • War of Independence Victims

    by Niccoló

  • Destruction

    by Sofia Aspes

  • The house I grew up in

    by Margherita Ross

  • Is blood thicker than water?

    by Kaylan, Anne, Cecila, Joyce, Kennedy

  • A warm post office

    by Kaci V

  • Glow

    by Theo

  • Inheritance

    by Mia Coney

  • Tied Tongues and Hands

    by Ronan McBride

  • A Volunteer

    by Yuliia Terentieva

  • The Women Who Dared

    by Mary Attenborough

  • 'The Confession'

    by Ronan McCarthy

  • Signing Off'

    by Elaine Westnott-O'Brien

  • From the Archives: The Murder of Dr. Muldoon

    by A. M. Cousins

  • Luminaries in the Literary Firmament

    by Emily Cullen

  • Notes on the Civil War

    by Ger Duffy

  • Lost for Words

    by Cathy Dalton

  • When To Be Irish Was A Crime

    by Diarmuid Cawley

  • Military Service DPP. Pension Annie Coyne

    by Una Crowe

  • Blackout Poem

    by Aodán McCardle

  • Commemoration

    by Richie Keane

  • Just One Year Before

    by Ronan McCarthy

  • Centenary Commemoration

    by Noreen Moore Murphy Uí Laighin

  • On barren fields

    by Mary Pooley

  • Nigel's Version

    by Nigel Quinlan

  • Collective Memory: A Collage

    by Collective Poem

  • Historical Genes (Shame Between the Cracks)

    by Noreen Moore Murphy Uí Laighin

  • You Knew A Man Was Surely There

    by Nigel Quinlan

  • My father kept a scrapbook in the cupboard

    by Mary Pooley

  • The Brave and Bold Thomas MacDonagh

    by Dave O'Brien

  • Interdependence

    by Annemarie Nugent

  • Interdependence

    by Esther Mackey

  • The Cadence Hammer of Rebellion

    by Eugene McGivern

  • Visionaries or Dreamers

    by Catherine Lahiff

  • The Medal Lies Heavy on the Fold-Up Table

    by Mark Doris

  • War of Independence and Civil War

    by Amy Abdullah Barry

  • The Statue in Cloughjordan

    by Amy Abdullah Barry

  • The Wheel

    by Ellen Harrison

  • Thereafter

    by Lily Neilson

  • Hair

    by Gaynor Kane

  • A Communiqué from the Four Courts

    by Annette Condon

  • Derailed by Treaties

    by Carmel Smith

  • Breaking Down Borders

    by Margaret Kanjee

  • Unrecorded Places in Between

    by Paddy Creedon

  • A Pinch of Snow in a Black Velvet Glove

    by Mary Branley

  • Nation, Flag and War

    by Paul Laughlin

  • Níl aon tinteán

    by Ronán P. Berry

  • Ambush

    by Matthew Geden

  • Listening In

    by Breda Joyce

  • The Mail Car Driver

    by Mary Attenborough

  • by Matthew Geden

  • Listening In

    by Margaret O'Driscoll

  • A few supporters who were too old

    by Margaret O'Driscoll

  • Turning the corner to Bantry railway bridge

    by Mary Attenborough

  • History

    by Mubarak Ogboye

  • Pillowcases and sheets, an underblanket and telephone

    by Ann Heffernan

  • A Stranger in my Own Land

    by Christopher Murray