Two Women Embrace

by Anna O Laoghaire

This fateful moment when
History and present collide
You spoke your truth
In response to mine.

“I’m sorry your family suffered”
An apology never before uttered
The room silenced and still
Watchful for our next move.

Tears in the room witness us
Making our own piece of history
Where the poet’s pen
Is mightier than the bullet spent.

Kindred souls in poetry met
Clasped and hugged
Healing the fissures of years
Ancient foe now a friend.

The bloodline of brave Tincurry women
Has been continued so well in you
What chance has brought us together?
Is Mise do Chara, Beir Bua.

Reproduced with kind permission of the author. This poem was written in response to an encounter with fellow writer Annette Condon at the Poetry as Commemoration symposium on 12 October 2023 at the Museum of Literature Ireland. A companion poem entitled ‘Encounter in Newman House’ composed by Annette features on the Virtual Poetry Wall.