• Anonymous to History

    by Darragh Coady

  • The Photograph of Aero Lyons

    by Marian Relihan

  • The 10th of May

    by Kitty Hughes

  • Remembrance

    by Rona Fitzgerald

  • Waker

    by Rebecca Bilkau

  • The Last Letter of James Fisher

    by Pippa Little

  • Judgement

    by Peter Mulligan

  • A Rebel’s Wedding

    by Mary Sharkey

  • Shot for freedom

    by Tien Comerford

  • A Rebel’s Way Out

    by Ava Croghan

  • The policeman calls

    by St Patrick's Glen PS Maghera

  • All those who saw their hopes become the law

    by Orna Fahy

  • My Freedom'

    by James Hawkshaw

  • Borrowed

    by Ash Perrie

  • 1920 Bloody Sunday

    by Aaron Connolly

  • The Soldier

    by Loro B. Taylor

  • Tolan

    by Iarla Dunford

  • Buried

    by James Brogan

  • The Night of the Re-Enactment

    by Mary Mahon Taylor

  • The Rattled Cage

    by Aileen Sweeney

  • Lost Boys

    by Cara Gilheany

  • Ar Son na Marbh

    by Nuala Ní Fhlathúin

  • Decade Of Centenaries, Ireland 1912 -1922

    by Angela Graham

  • Rejoice

    by Marie Lavin

  • The policeman calls

    by St Patrick's Glen PS Maghera

  • Mothers

    by Liam Canniffe

  • Encounter in Newman House

    by Annette Condon

  • Glow

    by Theo

  • 'The Confession'

    by Ronan McCarthy

  • From the Archives: The Murder of Dr. Muldoon

    by A. M. Cousins

  • Notes on the Civil War

    by Ger Duffy

  • When To Be Irish Was A Crime

    by Diarmuid Cawley

  • Form B104-82

    by Liam Canniffe

  • Just One Year Before

    by Ronan McCarthy

  • On barren fields

    by Mary Pooley

  • Nigel's Version

    by Nigel Quinlan

  • Historical Genes (Shame Between the Cracks)

    by Noreen Moore Murphy Uí Laighin

  • You Knew A Man Was Surely There

    by Nigel Quinlan

  • My father kept a scrapbook in the cupboard

    by Mary Pooley

  • The Brave and Bold Thomas MacDonagh

    by Dave O'Brien

  • The Medal Lies Heavy on the Fold-Up Table

    by Mark Doris

  • A Proclamation (i.m. Kathleen Lynn, 1874-1955)

    by Ciaran O’Rourke

  • Eliza

    by Karl O'Hanlon

  • Yew

    by Karen J. McDonnell

  • Ireland’s Rebel Son

    by Mario Corrigan

  • The Stonebreakers Yard

    by Sean Hallinan

  • Blood pulled my Shoe Off: The Birth of the Freestate in the Words of Máire Comerford

    by Martina Evans

  • Universal Soldiers

    by Sean Hallinan

  • The Split

    by Peter Etherson

  • Arrhythmia

    by Edel Burke

  • Blood Sport

    by Mary Howlett


    by Leslie Wilson

  • Wedding Party Woman

    by Ella Padden

  • Liam Mellows

    by Teresa Brayton

  • In Memoriam

    by Pádraig De Brún

  • A policeman calls

    by St Patrick's Glen PS Maghera

  • Vigil at Our Lady of Perpetual Succour’s Altar

    by Lily O'Brennan

  • In memory of Cathal Brugha and Harry Boland...

    by Unknown

  • The year the war began

    by Yewande Akinse

  • 'One Hundred Years Later' by Markus Gross

    by Markus Gross

  • The Ballad of Michael Collins

    by Isla Corbett

  • Commemorating Michael Collins

    by Padraic Colum

  • The Shoemakers

    by Brídgín, Chloe and Moya

  • 'The Six Who Were Hanged'

    by Thomas MacGreevy

  • Dead in the Wars and in Revolutions

    by Mary Devenport O'Neill

  • Francis Sheehy-Skeffington

    by Eva Gore Booth

  • Safe House

    by Leanne O’Sullivan

  • In Glasnevin

    by Jane Clarke