'One Hundred Years Later' by Markus Gross

by Markus Gross

People rejoicing at the end of the war,

But Michael Collins and his Treaty would only bring more,

Sinn Féin broke up bringing doubt,

People thinking that war is about,

Best men killed in brutal ways,

Only a year after the wedding days,

Great big buildings burned to the ground,

The amazing Four Courts left in a mound,

English spies killed in bed,

Then at a football match, 14 were left dead,

Michael Collins thought he was the best,

Until a mystery man shot him in the chest,

One hundred years later,

Ireland is only getting greater.

Written by Markus Gross (6th Class) as part of Poetry as Commemoration workshops led by Lucinda Jacob in St. Matthew’s National School, Sandymount in May 2022.