• A Pinch of Snow in a Black Velvet Glove

    by Mary Branley

  • History

    by Mubarak Ogboye

  • A Stranger in my Own Land

    by Christopher Murray

  • Civil War, Each Way

    by Niamh Donnellan

  • Thoughts On A Letter From Jack Creane To His Sister, 1923

    by Lucy Moore

  • Split?

    by Dominic Sweeney

  • From a Register of Sick Calls - attended to by the Clergy in July and August, 1922 during the Siege of Waterford

    by Joyce Butler

  • Mountain Spine

    by Sinéad Griffin

  • Second Death

    by Lucy Cloake

  • Children Carry Wreaths at Michael Collins' Funeral

    by Niamh O'Shea

  • Younger Than I

    by Jamie Sutton

  • The Irish Civil War

    by St. Matthew’s N.S. Sandymount

  • Civil War

    by Evelyn O’Sullivan, St. Matthew’s N.S. Sandymount

  • I am the sight of fire

    by Ava, St. Fiacc’s NS

  • Them Fellas

    by Anonymous

  • Doubt

    by Anonymous

  • Lord

    by Diarmuid Cawley

  • Four Courts, 1922

    by Darren Donohue

  • I am the sight of the horses

    by Vega Bermudez Lopez

  • 19th December, 1923: My Father is Released from Tintown ‘2’

    by Úna Crowe

  • Are We There Yet

    by Carmel Daly

  • I am the sight of my family

    by Ailin

  • I am the sight of soldiers

    by Jack Donovan Coakley

  • Pat Mangan's Last Letter

    by Mario Corrigan

  • Only the Irish dead listened to me

    by Landa wo

  • The Tears of God

    by Roisin Ní Neachtain

  • Civil

    by Mark Granier

  • All This Destruction Around Me

    by Joe O'Connor

  • Talk near the Ambush Site

    by Michael Farry

  • The Ache of History

    by Bob Blatchford

  • This Day 18 December 2022

    by Mario Corrigan

  • Storytelling

    by Attracta Fahy

  • Twenty-Five Feet

    by Sally McHugh

  • War

    by Felix Rafferty

  • Civil War

    by Anna Douglas

  • The Chess Piece

    by Blue Teapot Performing Arts School & Rab Fulton

  • Women of the Republic

    by Mary McNutt

  • Application

    by A. M. Cousins

  • War

    by Mila Williams

  • Graduation to War

    by Will Tattan

  • Soldiers Or People?

    by Will Tattan

  • Ashes to Ashes

    by Louisa Carroll

  • Cracks

    by Emma McCarthy

  • Oh Child, What Are You Doing?

    by Mary-Kate Hyland

  • Faces of Youth

    by Laura Pokorska

  • Monsters

    by Ailish O'Donnell

  • Too Young

    by Erin O'Grady

  • Flowers

    by Hayley Dee

  • Civil War

    by Peter Woods

  • War

    by Adelaide Stewart

  • The Things That War Can Bring

    by Lucy Smith

  • Looking Through the Window

    by Sarah-Beth Parker

  • Civil War, June 28th 1922

    by Oisín Meenan

  • Was This Fair?

    by Klara Gross

  • The Sounds of War

    by Pia Doyle

  • Like I Do Every Day

    by Hugh D’Alton Bradley

  • The Irish Civil War

    by Isabella Craig

  • Traitor!

    by Sean Hallinan

  • Loose Talk

    by Cathy Dalton

  • Things Left Unsaid

    by Attracta Fahy

  • 1922

    by Attracta Fahy

  • Civil War Photograph

    by John Flynn

  • Rupture

    by Ciaran Guckian

  • Tales of Transliteration

    by Darren Francis Caffrey

  • Tin Town

    by Annette Condon

  • 1st July, 1922: Re-imagined by Úna Crowe

    by Úna Crowe

  • This Soldier’s Home

    by Carmel Hogan

  • Night Visit, 1922

    by Kevin Dowling

  • Flags

    by Richie Keane

  • After All

    by John Flynn

  • Swamped in Memory

    by Mairéad McGrath

  • The Red-Haired Housemaid Speaks

    by Gerry Hanberry

  • New Cathedral Cemetery, Baltimore

    by Stephen O'Connell

  • Truncated

    by Carole Farnan

  • Eliza

    by Karl O'Hanlon

  • Ireland’s Rebel Son

    by Mario Corrigan

  • Poppies In A Field Of Shamrocks

    by Nithy Kasa

  • This Video Has No Sound

    by Padraig Regan

  • For my great-grandmother Mary Rose McGlynn, Cumann na mBan Sligo

    by Bayveen O'Connell

  • Blood pulled my Shoe Off: The Birth of the Freestate in the Words of Máire Comerford

    by Martina Evans

  • 'Special Topics in Commemoration Studies: The Kerry Archives'

    by Victoria Kennefick

  • The Belfast Pogrom: Some Observations

    by Paul Muldoon

  • Hogan, Grianghrafadóir

    by Aifric Mac Aodha

  • The Head of a Man

    by Stephen Sexton

  • My Window

    by Erin Gallimore

  • "... Agus Dáiríre is dóigh liom go Bhfuil rud éigin dlite dom mar dáiríre dheineas mo sheacht ndícheall sa Dá Chogadh ..."

    by Áine Uí Fhoghlú

  • Universal Soldiers

    by Sean Hallinan

  • Why?

    by Breege Blake

  • I Wish There Was Peace

    by Arlo Quick Thomas

  • Torn

    by Gordon Phelps Kelley

  • Ode/Ballad to Granduncle Ted

    by Attracta Fahy

  • Resting on the Run

    by Sally McHugh

  • Arrhythmia

    by Edel Burke

  • My Hope

    by Michael Shirane

  • Guns, Guns, Guns

    by St. Matthew’s N.S. Sandymount


    by Leslie Wilson

  • Safe House

    by Richie Keane

  • I Washed And Cooked For Them

    by John Flynn

  • The Weight of History

    by Mairead McGrath

  • Memories

    by Leanne Vaughan