• Will

    by Michael Morrissey

  • The Year It All Changed

    by Michaela O’Flanagan

  • The Troubles

    by Lisa Kelly

  • The Road to the Rising

    by Alena Healy-Lloyd

  • Suffering

    by Elisha Joyce

  • With Tensions High on Both Sides

    by Ciaran Keaveney

  • A Rebel’s Wedding

    by Mary Sharkey

  • Shot for freedom

    by Tien Comerford

  • A Rebel’s Way Out

    by Ava Croghan

  • My Peace Within Time

    by Elaine Foley

  • My Peace 100 Years Later

    by Abbie Raftery

  • A Chance of Peace'

    by Megan Mc Dermott

  • Neither Here nor There

    by Kiera Malone

  • My home One Hundred Years Later

    by Kiera Malone

  • A Rebel’s Death

    by Sinéad Freeman

  • The policeman calls

    by St Patrick's Glen PS Maghera

  • My Freedom

    by Kevin Hester

  • New Day

    by Catherine Whitehead

  • All those who saw their hopes become the law

    by Orna Fahy

  • Further On

    by Ciaran McDermott

  • New Dawn

    by Paddy Donoghue

  • A policeman calls

    by St Patrick's Glen PS Maghera

  • Sustenance for Valour

    by Ciaran McDermott

  • My Freedom'

    by James Hawkshaw

  • When Ireland Celebrates

    by Welyson Castro

  • Borrowed

    by Ash Perrie

  • 1920 Bloody Sunday

    by Aaron Connolly

  • Being Lost

    by Micheal Keaveney

  • A Chance For Peace

    by Eva Satchwell

  • Remains

    by Marie Lavin

  • Heart's Core

    by Ciaran McDermott

  • My Freedom One Hundred Years Later

    by Loro B. Tylor

  • The Soldier

    by Loro B. Taylor

  • Tolan

    by Iarla Dunford

  • Recaptured

    by Ciaran McDermott

  • Hazel Lavery, The Green Coat, 1926

    by Medbh McGuckian

  • Hush

    by A. Conmy

  • Jackie Clarke

    by David Newcombe

  • The Book

    by Liam Moyles

  • Pages

    by Keelan Langdon

  • Ratification

    by Jamie Brown

  • Buried

    by James Brogan

  • Middle Ground

    by Eileen Casey

  • The Dancer

    by Cabrini Cahill

  • Seedsman — April 1918

    by Sinéad McClure

  • Katherine “Jake” Folan

    by Jean Mac Sorley

  • Remember

    by Séamus Clarke

  • Jackie Clarke

    by Kapawsay

  • Fracture

    by Christopher Young

  • The Silent Partner

    by Brian Donohue