The Lost Barracks

by St. Mary's NS, Arva

The 25th of September started a normal day in Arvagh,

A damp, foggy morning. 

With everyone making their way 

To work and school.


Tobacco was being exchanged

Between jolly work-goers.

Constable Coleman was travelling to work 

With Constable John Broderick.


Later that evening lay 

Quiet and still, 

The smell of tobacco in the room, 

As the men anticipated the next day.


Suddenly there was a crash, 

The men realised there may be a clash, 

Between the RIC and IRA.


Not long did the fighting last, 

As the RIC surrendered fast, 

The first raid of a Cavan barracks was a success, 

As the men had known this day would come. 


General Seán McKeon had won, 

At this stage they were taking barracks at ease. 

The casualties were none, the aftermath was polite, 

As it was a Longford man at the front.

Written by Hannah Brady, Breah Farrelly, Tiernan O’Reilly, Halle Sheridan and Aidan Walsh as part of Poetry as Commemoration workshops led by Frank Galligan in  St. Mary’s NS, Arva, Co. Cavan, in October 2022.