The Irish Wars

by Vid Arsenovic

Devastation and havoc being caused, people flee,
Homes, lives seemed peaceful until you see
The bomb destruction throughout Ireland,
Boom! goes the bomb, terror and running away from here.

No one is right in this wretched war,
Ireland and England do not want more,
Friends betraying friends, families being put to an end,
From Michael to De Valera, they both know it’s over.

Bang! Crash! Wallop! All you can hear,
People running and screaming in fear,
Six foot tanks running with no sign of stops
It seems like the Black and Tans are on top.

There are so many bad things I can see,
Guns ringing and shooting all around me,
After Michael Collins died the world crumbled,
Éamon realises this had made him grumble.

From Sinn Féin to the Treaty they had been impatient,
Michael and Valera had been involved,
And forgot the real reason of this all,
But now I can finally say ‘The End’.