Looking Through the Window

by Sarah-Beth Parker

Dust in the sky,

Smoky smell in houses

Gunshots ringing

Concrete is crashing

People crying.


What will Dublin

Be like after this

Who knows?


The only colour is black

No light to see

Just looking on

To fighting

What could be?


What will happen?

Will it stop?

I hope so

All I hear

All I see

Is the fighting

And the dust.


What will Dublin

be like after

this? Who knows?


Just looking through

The window what could be

Watching it go on.

What will it be like

When the war is over?


Will people continue fighting?

Will there ever be peace?

These are the questions

I wish I could answer.

Written by Sarah-Beth Parker as part of Poetry as Commemoration workshops led by Lucinda Jacob in St. Matthew’s National School, Sandymount in May 2022.