My Fun One Hundred Years Later

by Shane Larkin

My fun tastes like a cake at a party

Celebrating and remembering the past.

My fun looks like the sun

Shining on the youth and future.

My fun smells like a whiff of fresh air

Dancing around outside.

My fun is like freedom

Doing what I want, when I want.

My fun sounds like shouting and roaring 

That I can hear form the crowds.

My fun is mostly felt at home

In safety and freedom

from judgement and isolation.

One hundred years since the war

Ireland’s fight for freedom

That stifled fun and freedom.

Let us not forget the sacrifices 

Let us not forget the war

One hundred years of freedom.

Written by Shane Larkin, as part of Poetry as Commemoration workshops led by Terry McDonagh, in Castlerea Community School, Roscommon, in  November 2022. Transition Year students were invited to write a poem in response to Terry McDonagh’s poem ‘My Freedom One Hundred Years Later’, written in commemoration of the War of Independence.