If you've been to Ireland, you know who I am.

by Rosaleen Crowley

Nineteen sixteen to twenty sixteen

Sees a century of struggle in between,

The pain inflicted on our community is deeper than you think

Nowadays, some find comfort in the imbued drink,

Others rise up and improve the economy

While more defend justice and the right to be free,

The oppression of the past lingers in our blood

Stories unfold, told and untold,


There is pain in the heart and pain in the soul

For those who want the country to be whole.

The future for our children will be bright

One for all, all for one without a fight

Sisters and brothers, Mothers and Fathers

No room for rhetoric and haters

Best to love and be loved

No need to shove or be shoved.


Raise up your glass and cheer

The identity of an island is here

Through sport, poetry, music and dance

The counties connect and entwine at a glance,

More popular now than before

The people open the hospitality door,

Finally, the sun will shine on an Easter day

To open minds and hearts and the Irish way.

Rosaleen Crowley was born in Cork and graduated from University College Cork. She is a poet, educator and artist living in Indiana, USA.  Publications include Point of Connection, Point of Reflection, Point of Perception, and For the Sake of Rhyme.