December 12th, 2023

by Kyra Cullen

Walking around Clara
December 12th , 2023
A cold windy but dry day.

Working in the mills of Clara
December 12 th , 1923
It is freezing
My whole body shudders
I haven’t seen the sun
Since 6 o’ clock this morning.
Locked away in a tine room
My hands numb,
Full of small cuts pricked by needles.
Sewing flour sacks

Reflecting on life 100 years ago.
So different
But has our town changed at all?

Written by Kyra Cullen as part of Poetry as Commemoration workshops led by Róisín Sheehy in Ard Scoil Chiaráin Naofa, Clara, Co. Offaly in December 2023.