• I Warn You Solemnly, Sir

    by Ava Johnston

  • The Last Letter of James Fisher

    by Pippa Little

  • Suffering

    by Elisha Joyce

  • With Tensions High on Both Sides

    by Ciaran Keaveney

  • My Freedom

    by Kevin Hester

  • Jackie Clarke

    by David Newcombe

  • Buried

    by James Brogan

  • Jackie Clarke

    by Kapawsay

  • A daughter foresees her father’s death - May 12th, 1916

    by Ger Duffy

  • The Final Hail Mary

    by Mary Mahon Tyler

  • Lost Boys

    by Cara Gilheany

  • Ar Son na Marbh

    by Nuala Ní Fhlathúin

  • Irish history has led to this present

    by Brijit Varghese

  • Christy O’Grady’s Diary Speaks

    by Lorraine Carey

  • Volunteer John Ryan Castlefergus Cattle Drive – 1918

    by Geraldine Burke

  • 'The Confession'

    by Ronan McCarthy

  • Historical Genes (Shame Between the Cracks)

    by Noreen Moore Murphy Uí Laighin