• Remembrance

    by Rona Fitzgerald

  • Waker

    by Rebecca Bilkau

  • The Troubles

    by Lisa Kelly

  • An Dealbh

    by Katie Ní Dhonnaille

  • A daughter foresees her father’s death - May 12th, 1916

    by Ger Duffy

  • Ballad of Jimmy’s Hall

    by Mary Heeran White

  • 'The Confession'

    by Ronan McCarthy

  • A-Waitin on tha Whussle

    by Angela Graham

  • Them Fellas

    by Anonymous

  • Lord

    by Diarmuid Cawley

  • 'The Six Who Were Hanged'

    by Thomas MacGreevy

  • Christmas in Ireland, 1920

    by D.L. Kelleher

  • A Catholic to his Ulster Brother

    by Dora Sigerson Shorter