‘Neath the Flag

by Justin Kelly

Brave young men of Ireland

The hour has come to make a stand

Fight for freedom without fear

Gather round the time draws near

Neath the flag blood will flow


Time to right all that is wrong

Toward the light we soldier on

Time to heed the words we say

Side by side we march today

Neath the flag we sing our song


Toil we must til we are spent

Under our own government

As the dew greets morning skies

Tears will turn to battle cries

Neath the flag the shall repent


Fr all of those who’ve gone before


Those who’ve left this emerald shore

Cast off to a foreign land

Buried souls in foreign sand

Neath the flag we’ll carry them home


A century has come and gone

Still the memory lingers on

Of those who fought to free our land

This hallowed soil on which we stand

Neath the flag we’ll greet the sun


Neath the flag we’ll stand as one



Music and lyrics by Justin Kelly © 2018