26.02.2022 Киев, Украина, с картой Таро XVI Иерархия

by Татьяна Кабанец - Tatiana Kabanets

И вечер мирного движения,

Так тонко вскроет пробуждение,

Так мир устроен с назначения, 

Что войны чистят окружение.

А мы лишь роли в отражении,

Через себя собрать семью,

Частиц тебя соединение. 


“26.02.2022 Kyiv, Ukraine, with the card of Tarot XVI Hierarchy”

The evening brings a peaceful movement,
So subtly opens the awakening,
What is the war in its world purpose
If not a cleaner, who is labeling our lost surroundings.
What are we if not just roles in the reflection.
That gather pieces of ourselves in family and story,
Where every little fraction builds connection.


In June 2023, members of the Ukrainian Creative Hub at MoLI visited the exhibition ‘Roller Skates & Ruins‘ at the National Gallery of Ireland with poet Hazel Hogan and curator Marie Lynch. The group responded to items on display as part of this Decade of Centenaries exhibition. Poems have been translated by Katya van Huystee.