• Shades of Division

    by Finola Scott

  • My Grandfather’s glasses in a cracked leather case

    by Siobhán Flynn

  • 1914

    by Liam Canniffe

  • An Irishman Foresees a Day in NYC

    by Stephen de Búrca

  • Seedsman — April 1918

    by Sinéad McClure

  • Trenches

    by Liam Canniffe

  • Mothers

    by Liam Canniffe

  • Form B104-82

    by Liam Canniffe

  • Doughboys

    by Liam Canniffe

  • No Memorials

    by Liam Canniffe

  • A-Waitin on tha Whussle

    by Angela Graham

  • Executed

    by Frances Browner

  • To James O'Sullivan, Witness No. 1455

    by Thomas McCarthy

  • For Freedom

    by Eoghan Ua Conaill

  • The King's Shilling

    by Audrey Slattery

  • This Soldier’s Home

    by Carmel Hogan

  • Paddy in the Shed

    by Fred Johnston

  • Poppies In A Field Of Shamrocks

    by Nithy Kasa

  • I am the soldier, who answered the call

    by Mario Corrigan